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July 06 2013

3067 4cd0
fashion, heels, pearls

Image size: 403x330

July 05 2013

6596 d051
dinner date, capricorn, astrology

Image size: 492x332

July 03 2013

8956 f717
Michael Kors, bracelet, bracelets

Image size: 400x400
8107 6350
chanel, classy, cosmetics

Image size: 420x634

June 30 2013

1252 247f
black, bracelets, eternity

Image size: 540x720

June 29 2013

6280 317b
cool, diy, ideas

Image size: 500x1546

June 28 2013

0559 51b8
decoration, ideas, living room

Image size: 550x733
7994 ebe9
Michael Kors, a, arm

Image size: 500x500

June 25 2013

7684 2ccd
black, curly, dress

Image size: 447x526
6214 53f9
accessories, chanel, designer

Image size: 500x330

June 24 2013

5857 8de3
beautiful, cherry blossoms, cherry tree

Image size: 500x359

June 23 2013

4872 c59f
beautiful, beige, boots

Image size: 500x464

June 22 2013

2542 1dfb
black, dress, hair

Image size: 500x558
6853 3350
cool, cute, food

Image size: 380x1013
8353 df5c
MM, cupcake, cupcakes

Image size: 500x331
8355 5bad
balls, candle, decorating

Image size: 341x512
3141 7076
necklace, jewelry, bridals

Image size: 1000x889

June 21 2013

6347 19fe
adorable, cute, flower

Image size: 500x701

June 17 2013

4142 b183
awesome, colors, cool

Image size: 400x400

June 15 2013

4940 7f30
gold, ideas, modern

Image size: 800x528
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